Dragon age 2 nightmare builds

The sequel of Dragon Age: Origins is here! Bright Hub is here to help you through your fantastic rise to power. We will outline different build possibilities for each class and add other specific builds frequently. Please keep in mind that this guide is a work in progress. If you have any tips, hints, secrets, discoveries or fun stuff to share, feel free to contribute in the comments section below!

Your comments are always appreciated! Be sure to check out our Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough! In Dragon Age 2, you take the role of Hawke, a survivor of the blight.

Through the game, Hawke will gain in power and influence, rising from a refugee to the legendary Champion of the lands. Through the story, the player will encounter several familiar faces from Dragon Age: Origins such as Flemeth and Merrill.

The player is involved in a 10 years story full that is of full moral choices and the decisions you make will change the Dragon Age 2 history forever. Be ready to take on the Darkspawn army and numerous bad guys with the deadliest of allies. Your character is a human with the last name of Hawke, male or female.

The limited Character creation allows for more immersive cinematics and storyline. This also gave the devs the opportunity to add in fully voiced responses to the characters. The Warrior is the first of the three playable classes in the game.

As you probably know, the warrior is fighting up close and personal with the enemy. He can absorbs tremendous amount of damage before falling in battle and primarily use melee weapons to destroy his enemies. The warrior takes Stamina from his Stamina Reserve to execute brutal attacks and abilities that damage or taunts the mobs.

If you want the satisfaction of slicing through your enemies, the warrior class is a good choice! In Dragon Age 2, the main role of the warrior is to tank and attract the attention of the monsters so the other classes can deal damage from safety.

dragon age 2 nightmare builds

There are two types of basic builds you can adopt with your warrior: Weapon and Shield and Two-handed. We know that these two branches are not the only path you can take. However, these are the most basics and we suggest maxing out one of these two branch before adding skill points to the others. The Weapon and Shield Warrior is here to take and eat damage.This is a fan run community.

Forum:My ideal DA2 Nightmare party + assorted thoughts

This subreddit and its mods are in no way associated with BioWare or EA. Inquisitors are pretty busted too. Rogues can one-shot dragons on nightmare, warriors are nearly impossible to kill if you're even remotely decent at timing shields, and jedi knight-enchanters obliterate everything in their paths with full barriers.

But were there any ridiculous builds like these for DA:2? If they weren't dead at that point, follow by a Twin Fangs and a Backstab.

dragon age 2 nightmare builds

If you spec'd Merrill the right way she was the tankiest character in the game. Nothing was going to kill her. Not ridiculous to those extremes, but with the button mashing mechanic, the normally slow Two-handed Warrior can slash as quick as a dualwielding rogue, except doing a huge amount of damage more per slash.

And with the proper trees, you're practically unstoppable.

Dragon Age 2 Class Guide With Best Builds

Not really to the same level, but there were a few things you could do. The whole "waves of enemies" in combat reduced a lot of fun tactics, but also brokenness. Assassinate on brittle with MoD up killed nearly everything. Vendetta was amazing. Oddly enough, some of the best builds there were companions. Aveline was a ridiculously good tank.

Varric could do absurd amounts of damage. Merrill was very strong DPS-wise as well. Anders was an amazing healer. I never really thought Anders was a great healer. But nobody wants to play as a spirit healer so Anders it is. Yeah but Anders had the cooldown reduction ability, Martyr, that he could use on tactics without vengeance active.

Ander's was able to push out the heals much faster than Hawke, as well as defensive support like Barrier. He had access to heal, revive and aid allies which is all he needed and if put on the right rotation with Martyr, was just In normal situations it required Vengeance being active but there was something weird with it, so it the computer would use it if it was assigned a tactic command even if Panacea was on.

Anders becomes amazing with a good tactics menu. You can set him up to completely manage his form shifts based on his mana percent and the health of the party. He can DPS while Healing and you can supply his mana pretty easily with pots. Really just choosing any sort of tactic and running with it will make you unstoppable. I am playing a mage character on nightmare that's essentially a "Trickster" type focussing on runes and walls and avoiding combat.

Hmmm I'm just so bad at multi tasking my party always wipes on normal so I was looking for something to make it easy lol. Pretty much every build is ridiculously overpowered in DAI. Disregard that and all specs including Tempest are op while working as intended.

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Late game is just too weak to hold up to that. Also, I'm getting tired of Knight Enchanter getting all the attention. Rift Mage is just as strong.Recommended Builds for Dragon Age 2 Companions. Bethany, in the early game, probably best serves you as a straight up damage dealer. In the early game probably with your first level upyou should invest in Heal, for obvious reasons. And unless you rush ahead and nab Anders as the first quest you take on in Act I, this will be able to help you out.

In the middle if you need to grab an outside skill due to level restrictionssome quick support choices will add some extra oomph to your party.

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One-and-done skills like Elemental Weapons or Heroic Aura will suffice, or grab another attack spell in Spirit Bolt in the Spirit tree. Or you can go even further into the realm of pure damage by nabbing some primal spells too. But really, that late in the game, your supporting cast should greatly outshine Bethany. Also, like Bethany, he is best used by focusing on raw damage-dealing early.

If you plan on using only Carver as your warrior early, get Taunt, a necessity to help him control threat on the battlefield. If you want to branch out a bit into other trees the best option is probably the Vanguard Tree.

By picking up Might and Control which are unfortunately mutually exclusive you can unlock Cleave, which will double his damage output. Or, you can stick in the Warmonger tree and pick up other skills like the sustainable Bravery to increase his power in crowds or go toward Tremor for some AOE knockdown. Aveline Vallen class: Warrior Weapon: Weapon and shield Specialization: Guardian Role: Tank You get Aveline during the Lothering escape and from there and beyond, she will best serve as a tank for your party.

Aveline outside of Hawke will serve as your best option for a tanking character. Early on, instead of focusing on some attack skills, I move immediately into the Battlemaster tree.

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While Battle Synergy boosts defense and damage resistance for the whole party, Bravery increases attack and critical chance for Aveline only. Early in the game run both Shield Defense and Battle Synergy. Mid-game : At level 7 you get access to the Guardian tree. At level 7 grab the upgrade to Taunt first, then at your next level start into Guardian by getting Immovable. Make a decision here, either keep using Shield Defense or start using Immovable.

dragon age 2 nightmare builds

The sustainable Bodyguard is pretty underwhelming in the Guardian tree. Or this is probably a good time to look toward grabbing both upgrades to Battle Synergy, which will increase threat generation as well as transfer damage from companions to Aveline.

The only new skills you may want to grab are stamina related skills in Battlemaster like Bolster, Deep Reserves or Second wind, since the amount of sustainables you run I usually use two with Aveline will cripple your small stamina pool. You may want to utilize a level up with strength-willpower-constitution or go with an every-other plan like strength-con followed up by a str-will-con.

I would almost always recommend having her con as high or higher than her strength. Equipment that gives plus-percentage to damage resistance or magic resistance should be sought. Items that boost health or health regeneration are also good picks.

dragon age 2 nightmare builds

Otherwise, go with typical warrior stuff that increases attack or physical damage. Items that boost critical rate or critical damage are wasted on her, give those to your rogues instead. Where to put talent points: Bianca, Marksman, Scoundrel, Sabotage Where not to put talent points: Subterfuge, Specialist Early game : Your best bet when starting out with Varric is to pretty much exclusively invest in the Bianca archery tree.

Since Varric starts with Miasmic Flask, spend the extra talent point to upgrade it early, which increases the stun effect as well as lowers the cooldown. In the Scoundrel tree, Blindside at level 5 is a good way to boost your damage since you get a bonus against targets who are fighting other allies. Stick to those staples early. Mid game : Once you get access to the Marksman tree, you probably want to stick exclusively here.

You may consider beginning to upgrade your Bianca skills or start looking at the Sabotage tree to pick up some additional AOE controller spells.The text is NOT entirely spoiler-free, bosses are listed by name. All builds tested extensively on Nightmare difficulty. Equip weapons with Armor Penetration, Bees work on her too. Run around the balcony until you see an open window to a room with cafeteria type tables, scan for the statue.

Look up overhead, jump up to get it.

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Once you've hit the Rift button a few times, the battle will end. When you open the second set of doors, fight the enemies from the stairs.

Otherwise, show her the locket and then show it to the 3 Ladies. Your Warrior will spend more time chasing the boss than anything else.

Dragon Age: Origins Nightmare Guide by David Milward

Check right and left to see which side is safer. Another less risky plant can be found near the Apostate's house, but it is not easy to find and is a single plant. Remove one item at a time from the loot chests at Haven.

The purpose of this guide is to provide an efficient walkthrough of Nightmare mode by farming Tier 3 Schematics as early as possible. Race: Dwarf for Magic Defense or Qunari for physical defense. Hushed Whispers will give you Staff of Stasis instead, which isn't bad but not much better than you can get at the start of Act II.

Lock down the camp leader and one or both dogs with Bees. After the second Trebuchet, use a Warrior to smash the blocks in front of the house at the Armory to rescue the weapon plans. Grab the potion cache if you need it, otherwise save it for later.

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Switch to your rogues if they are taking damage to make sure they stay right underneath the dragon. Purchase the Sturdy Prowler Scout armor.The ideal party thing. A word of warning: it's a subjective ideal we are talking about, yes?

Protagonist: two-handed warrior, Reaver spec. Yes, Cunning, not Constitution. Role: he is the guy who kills things. Role: they make the opponents brittle, then run for their lives.

That's about it. Party buffs are nice, but hardly crucial. Put Aveline in the rear make sure she has Elite Bodyguard active on the protagonistshe is protagonist's hp pool, not much else.

Buff the protagonist with Claymore, engage enemies, lose a lot of life, activate Sacrificial Frenzy.

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Both mages should cast Cone of Cold in the meanwhile the protagonist will resist it anyway. Immediately fall back with the mages, unless you are suicidal. Finish off the remaining opponents if any leisurely. At level 13, with decent weapon and CriticalRange property aboutWhirlwind will do k damage on brittle opponents.

The same principles apply. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This Forum has been archived Visit Discussions. Note : This topic has been unedited for days. It is considered archived - the discussion is over.This is a fan run community. This subreddit and its mods are in no way associated with BioWare or EA. This is a simple guide to help people beat nightmare, with just the basics. It is not a professional guide, but more of a stepping stone for people that find it too hard to manage.

Cross class combo is what makes or brakes your team. It is essential that you have characters that set-up a target with Stagger for warriors, Disorient for rogues and Brittle for mages and characters that capitalize it. That is why you will need to have at least 1 of each class in your party. Talents are what makes DA2 unique from most games, even DAO, because they are more specific and improved.

For all of your ranged characters, set up their behavior to Ranged. The default set up is usually aggressive, changing it is your first priority. Melee do not really need their behavior changed. All sustained abilities should be at the top of your tree, followed by potion usage, then by abilities and finally target selection. Make sure that all characters have a specific role. Do not give them talents to do everything. You need to focus on giving them a role to fill and not do everything.

For target selection depends on your playstyle. I personally set up all my ranged companions to attack the enemy my main character is attacking and all melee to attack targets that are elite or higher. A good way to play is to have 1 melee warrior, focused on staggering and drawing threat, a ranged rogue for disorient and threat reduction and 2 mages. Attributes: Generally you need to give them strength, with a point on constitution and willpower. Try to keep their constitution and willpower equal, so do the following each level up.

Next level up 2 points in strength and 1 point in willpower. If it is a two handed, Giant's Reach and Sunder are a must have. Use mighty blow for elites or higher, preferably when they are brittle'd. Focus on the Battlemaster and Vanguard tree but do not take Battle synergy and Assail respectively.

Giving them Control and critical chance is better for Staggering. For a sword and shield, Battlemaster and Sword and Shield trees work well, however i would advise to only use shield bash from that tree against elites or higher for guaranteed stagger and shield defense, as a sustained. If you are playing a warrior it is recommended that you play as a two handed, since all specializations are geared towards damage. I would recommend going Reaver first and Berserker second.

Attributes: Rogues are pretty straight forward. Give only dex for item requirements and willpower if you need more stamina. Constitution if you think you are too squishy. For melee make sure to set up to follow up on staggered targets with explosive strikes. Make sure to use your strongest abilities to burst the elites.

Talents are not complicated. Careful with anything aoe, because it generally does friendly fire. For Ranged Upgrade pinning shot as soon as possible.

It is your bread and butter ability.The setup that I describe here provides just the right mix of offensive damage, healing, and crowd-control such that you can pretty much rely on her as your sole mage from the word 'go', if you're so inclined.

As a side note, I also have Wynne cherry-pick the Blood Specialization. What I mean is that she takes the specialization at 14th level in order to get its bonuses to spellpower and Constitution, but won't select any spells or abilities that are made available by the specialization.

I have Wynne add the following spells through Tomes of Arcane Technique: Spell Wisp - The bonus to Spellpower this sustained ability provides starts off pretty small, but it becomes quite large at higher levels. Lifeward - This is like using a Heal Contingency in BG2, and can often come in handy for either particularly intense battles or as a fail-safe against certain special attacks that inflict massive damage.

Haste - Increases attack speed i. On the whole this really does enhance melee attacking power, especially when stacked with other sustainables like Telekinetic Weapons, Flaming Weapons, Miasma, Song of Courage, and then Rally. Cleansing Aura - A great sustained ability for particularly intense and prolonged fights, since it heals everyone somewhat every few seconds even while Wynne is using another ability. It drains mana rapidly, so be discriminating about when you use it.

Flame Blast - Wynne begins to develop her powers over fire. This can be useful for when Wynne wants to damage a small cluster of foes that may be lined up next to her comrades.

Not bad. Fireball - This is sometimes a preferable offensive option to what Aldarion can do depending on the situation. It comes out in a flash, knocks its targets off their feet, and continues to score lingering fire damage. Grease - This spell can combine with another fire-based spell for one of the better spell combos in the game, Grease Fire. In fact, a Grease spell followed up immediately by a Fireball is one of the best combos there is because it allows Wynne to utilize both crowd-control and heavy damage almost instantaneously.

Inferno - Another useful lingering damage spell, and one that Wynne will be well equipped to use. Can be thrown in along with a Storm of the Century for good measure, or put on top of Grease for an especially deadly Grease Fire combo. Blizzard will otherwise cancel each other out. Glyph of Warding - For particularly crowded fights Wynne can plant this Glyph into the thick of things, granting bonuses to defense and mental resistance. Glyph of Repulsion - This has more than one use.

One is that it can be used as a method of crowd control by planting it at a narrow bottleneck e. If you cast Glyph of Paralysis on it before it expires, it will unleash the Paralysis Explosion combo. Wynne can also use it to drive back foes during particularly intense fights by planting it in the thick of things. She can also use it as a defensive resource by planting it right at her own feet after she has scored a lot of 'aggro' on the monsters.

Arcane Shield - Now Wynne keeps this active to boost up her defense rating. This is useful not just when enemies get close to her but also when archers take aim at her. Staff Focus - Wynne does spend a lot of time firing away with her staff, so this certainly can't hurt. Master Combat Training - Rounding out this skill tree.

She already has her Combat Tactics tree filled out as well, so anything after is just filler.

Dragon Age II - Force/Blood Mage Solo Abandoned Thaig (Nexus Golem Room)


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